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Date: 26 December 2006

1907-2007 The Montessori Centenary Supplement

Celebrating 100 years of Montessori Education

Author: Wendy Barbara Fidler

This booklet was originally published in 5 issues of the Montessori International magazine. Reformatted into one keepsake volume, it is now available for purchase from Wildwood Montessori. The Montessori Centenary Supplement charts the global progress of the Montessori movement, from 1907 when Dr Maria Montessori opened the first Casa dei Bambini (Children's House) in Rome, to 2007, the 100th anniversary of Montessori Education.

There are many exciting centenary topics and projects, a look at People Who have Changed the World for the Better and messages from eminent Montessorians around the world.

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Date: November 2006

Pinoy Montessori Teachers


Just want to inform the commitee that I have created a group called "PINOY MONTESSORI TEACHERS." The goal of the group is to unite all montessorians all over the Philippines with a purpose of spreading Dr. Maria Montessori's works. We hope to bring the Montessori method to the poor people of my country. I started sending emails to my colleagues to join the group and invite their co-teachers to join the group. We hope to have an activity by December.

Championing the cause of the Children,
Marcell Pimentel

Date: 3 November 2006

2007 Centenary Commemorative Calendar - The Spirit of Montessori


Download PDF of Flyer

To view NZ Centenary calendar go to and download calendar PDF.

New Zealand’s 2007 Centenary Book

The Montessori Association of New Zealand’s 2007 centenary book celebrates the history of Montessori education in New Zealand. A fascinating glimpse into the growth of Montessori on the otherside of the world from it’s roots in Italy, this commemorative
resource is one that all Montessorians will want to have on their bookshelf.
•the history of the Montessori movement and photos from early Montessori schools in New Zealand that have never before been published.
•the people who have contributed to the growth of Montessori “downunder”
•the views of New Zealanders on the contribution of Dr Montessori
•and the future of Montessori.
Books will be delivered in mid-March 2007, after the book launch, in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Montessori Association of New Zealand’s centenary resources are on sale at - you can order and pay online.

Ana Pickering
Executive Officer, MANZ

Date: September 2006


The UK Centenary committee has created a Centenary Calendar to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the opening of the first Montessori Children's House in January 1907.  The calendar - entitled 'Spirit of Montessori' features full colour photographs of children from around the world.  Each page has been designed so that the photograph and quotation can be kept and framed for display or given as a gift.

The calendar, along with a Centenary car sticker is being sold to raise funds for the Montessori Centenary Parent Support Initiative, which aims to make parents aware of the developmental needs of children.

Download an order form and send it off as soon as possible as the number of copies is limited.

Date: September 2006

A Centenary Poem

100 years ago

One hundred years ago in a little town in Rome,
A new way to educate children was born, now just look at how it’s grown.
There was a very wise women who had a heart of gold,
She didn’t care for the way we educated children so she set about to change the ways of old.
A brand new philosophy is what she had in mind,
Where children would be able to seek answers and find,
Their way along lives pathway equipped with all the skills to be,
Empowered, independent, knowledgeable, happy and free.
She taught them the skills they needed for everyday life,
She taught them how to work through their troubles and strife.
She treated them as equals and she gave them a voice,
She opened up their minds to learning through freedom of choice.
And well those children they knew nothing about her philosophy,
They simply thrived in an environment that met their inner needs you see.
And now the world can stand up and say yes she was right,
That very wise women who saw the future as so bright.
For those tiny little people in the poor slum of Rome,
She had created the very first children's home.
But wait, who is this woman tell me who is she?
She is the educator and philosopher Doctor Maria Montessori.
Her dream has become a reality and now 100 years have passed,
And the Montessori method is used in English state schools at last.
Educational bosses are finally able to see that the Montessori is best,
If they have the faith to invest in this method, the children will show them the rest.
Maria many people said your vision was ahead of its time,
Some said radical for its day.
But I bet they all wish that you were here now,
To guide them along on their pathway.

By Joanne Wall 

Date: 25 September 2006

News from the Philippines

I am Marcell, a primary Montessori guide from the Philippines. Just wanted to share my works for the centenary celebration of the Montessori movement.

I made a small bookmarks about Montessori and the centenary of the movement. I included in the bookmark some of Montessori's famous quotes and the theme "Champion the Cause of All Children" I printed on the lower portion of the bookmark the website of the Montessori centenary celebration. I have been distributing it to college students, teachers, professors and parents. I also had a chance to briefly about the philosophy. I have been asking them also to log in the centenary website.

By doing this I hope that my fellow Filipinos will be aware of the Montessori Philosophy. This is my own simple way of honoring Dr. Maria Montessori's work to the whole of humanity.

Sincerely yours,

Date: 22 September 2006

New Montessori School in Hong Kong Opening 8th January 2007

Dear Centenary Committee,

My name is Joanna Godbolt. I am an AMI 0-3 student of Judi Orion in Denver at present.

I am opening a new Montessori School in Hong Kong on 8th January 2007. I wanted to be in Rome for the Conference but instead I will be celebrating the Centenary in our new school.

I have written to our local newspaper, South Morning China Post, to tell them about the Centenary and am waiting for their response.

I would like to do everything I can to let people know about Championing the Cause of All Children.

Date: 8 September 2006

The Post Oak School

Following are pictures of Centenary banners The Post Oak School produced for their building. The school also created a huge timeline spanning Montessori's life and the life of Post Oak School. The timeline hangs in the front lobby. Many of the images and artwork were drawn from the resources avalable on the Montessori Centenary website.

The Post Oak School
4600 Bissonnet
Bellaire, Texas 77401

Date: August 2006

North American Montessori Teachers Association

NAMTA adopted the Centenary logo and theme for its 2006/2007 Services Handbook. The handbook highlights some of the events planned for 2007.

Date: 7 August 2006

As part of the Centenary Celebrations for 2007, the Queensland Montessori Association (QMA) has nominated Saturday 01 September 2007 as the official Open Day for all Montessori centres in Queensland. On this day, centres throughout the state will be open to the public and Montessori trained staff will be available to answer questions.

Queensland Montessori Association
PO Box 1125
Indooroopilly QLD 4068

Date: 27 July 2006

Maria Montessori dedicated her life to children of yesterday, today and tomorrow. A great gift and a great way to celebrate children around the world could be done by writing a poem of gratitude toward her and her work.

Lorena Bossa de Vucko

Date: 17 July 2006

Chewelah Peak Learning Center

Two ash settees and two side tables were donated to the Chewelah Peak Learning Center for their dormitory lounges by Muriel Jean and Rodger Hauge. A plaque was placed on each piece to commemorate Maria Montessori. Chewelah Peak Learning Center provides outdoor education and training to children, parents, organizations, and teachers throughout Eastern Washington, USA. Following are pictures of the furniture and Jean.

Date: 12 July 2006

Brisbane Montessori School

The following local press coverage was received by Brisbane Montessori School who have decided to prepare a piece for the International Centenary Children's Mural.

The mural will be part of the overall Centenary Exhibit being organised by the North American Montessori Teachers’ Association. Pacific Crest Montessori School (Seattle, WA) is coordinating the development of the children's mural in conjunction with NAMTA.

Date: 22 March 2006

Atlanta Georgia - AMI School Administrators' Meeting

A meeting has been organised to gather together some of the AMI Montessori school administrators in Atlanta Georgia USA to talk about the Centenary and other issues.

The purpose of the meeting:
- To have fun and get to know one another
- We will start an email group of attendees to facilitate networking with one another
- To learn how you can visit Rome with us to celebrate the centenary of Maria Montessori on January 7, 2007

The stronger we are as a community:
-More trainers, more trainees
-More trainees, more teachers
-More teachers, more schools
-More schools, more children that can have the opportunity to enjoy a Montessori education

Valerie Alino

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Date: 17 January 2006

Ideas for Centenary Events

Hold a rally where all the Montessorians in a city/region come together and provide a multi-cultural look at peaceful existence (perhaps featuring costume parties where children dress as Nobel Peace Prize winners) and responsiblity learned through freedom

Host a Letter to the Editor campaign

Host Storytelling/Oral Tradition Workshops and feature the Montessori fables (e.g. God with No Hands, the Coming of Symbols (math and language)

Request an official Montessori Day on national legislature's calendars

Host Open Houses around the theme of Child as the "Father to the Man" (Explain how that works) - especially seek out indigenous and non-majority attendees

Create a really thorough discussion about the characteristics that are unmistakely a mark of a Montessori education (Encourge this as children's primary source research in localities where Montessori education has had considerable attendance for 20 years or more)

Have a website where children currently in Montessori school post pictures of their usual celebrations - e.g. birthday/anniversary trips; planting of gardens; Coming of Man research presentations; Human body (the Great River) research presentations; Adolescent program students in their money-making activities (that's something most of them share - not all programmes can afford the land to be "full-up" Erdkinders)

Create a place where all Montessorians are welcomed

Mary Russo
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Date: 11 January 2006

Simultaneous Celebrations in Different Parts of the World

The Idea: Link a “human chain” of schools around the globe…… This might show the Universality of the work and yet the unique culture of each school. Our elementary students have a pen-pal relationship with a non-Montessori school in Italy. Perhaps schools would like to do a same-time celebration, with the students at the helm, with a “sister school” in another country. A simple assembly with a shared music / song with a school from another time – zone….. maybe it involves a midnight gathering in the school gym in order to connect with the sister school. A speaker phone might be the only high-tech needed. A greeting around the “Universal Child” and “Education for Peace” could be translated into the other language and a pledge for sharing the dream, with the new generation in their home community, might be enough of a message that causes the spirit of the movement to ripple around the world in 24 hours!!

Any guidance you could offer us with this idea (simplicity is often most effective for us) would be gratefully received. Maybe you will have a bulletin board on your web site where another school, in another country, could respond to our idea and link up with us for a “real time” pledge.

Thank you for your initiative.

Paula Leigh-Doyle, Director
The Montessori School at Holy Rosary
12009 Mayfield Rd. Cleveland OH 44106
(216) 421-0700

Date: 2 February 2006

2007 Centenary Commemorative Calendar - The Spirit of Montessori

The Montessori Association of New Zealand is producing a 2007 Centenary Commemorative Calendar to celebrate the 100 years of Montessori. This calendar will be sponsored by Every Educaid in Christchurch, sole NZ agents for Nienhuis Montessori. This gorgeous calendar will feature photos of infants, children and young people from Montessori early childhood centres, schools and families from throughout New Zealand. The submitted photos will be on display at the MANZ Education and Peace Conference in Nelson, New Zealand in April, 2006 and delegates will vote for their favourite photos.

Ana Pickering
Executive Officer, MANZ

Date: 11 January 2006

Solstice Celebration

For further details about Solstice Celebration (which is cultural, historical and geographical in nature with lots of singing and dancing) please contact:

Gordon L. Maas
Ruffing Montessori School
3380 Fairmount Blvd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118