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19 May 2007

Garfield Montessori Magnet School, Decatur, IL, USA

I am happy to say that we here at Garfield Montessori Magnet School had a wonderful turnout for our 100 Steps Walk. We had 360 students 50 faculty members and 23 guests walk 1173 steps. We exited the school to our lawn and made a giant circle and then made a peace sign with our circle. The PTA had special T-shirts made for each student and faculty member. Even some parents ordered a shirt. It looked so cool with all of us in the same shirts. They had the 100 Steps Logo on them and a few business members donated some money for the cost of the shirts. One local tv station came and did a story on our walk. A local newspaper did a story before our walk. A verse to sing after we were in place was sung and then we dispursed to our normal day.

Peace & Positive Energy,

Sonya Anthony
PTA President