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June 2007

Blue Gate Montessori School, Cumbria, UK

To begin we "practiced" our 100 steps. this involved drawing 100 feet in chalk onto the paving stones outside the classroom. They were numbered in the Montessori Numeral card colours and set out in curly snake shape. I imagined that the children would all walk round in a crocodile fashion, but not a bit of it. Each child began the trail and the others watched and cheered them on until they reached the end! The children chose to do it one at a time and were very supportive.

About a week later the big day for our 100 steps walk arrived. One of our parents had kindly cut 100 slices of tree trunk and we had painted the numbers 1 - 100 onto these. It took us a while to lay them all out in order on the grass and the children really enjoyed doing this.

Parents and children gathered in the music room where teachers explained the project, looking at a globe and the equator and talking about all the other Montessori children around the world who would be taking their 100 steps too. Then we went out into the garden. Parents and children helped cheer each child on and at the end each received a sticker and a certificate - supplied by Montessori Centenary. They were very proud of their achievement and entered into the spirit of it whole-heartedly. Parents were all cheering and some took part too - holding hands with their children or even in some cases (of extreme shyness) carrying children piggyback around the course.

Everyone came inside and shared drinks and cakes before returning to the garden again to pose for the press! The next school the children look forward to seeing and using the steps again. One child said, "I hope those steps are in the garden again because I need to use them!"

It has given the children such a clear concept of 100 and they really enjoyed it. We will store the steps in the outbuildings over the holidays and I have no doubt that they will be required next term too!

Thank you for the wonderful idea we have really enjoyed it from Raf Appleby (head teacher)